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  • Dr. Weiss is everything anyone could hope for in a surgeon and a person. His hands are truly blessed by God, and he has given me the opportunity to live a life I was not aware could even exist for me. For the past 3 decades (my entire adult life), I had never known a pain-free or fully functional condition with my spine. Dr. Weiss eliminated all pain and restored function to my back, leg, and arm.

    Prior to moving to this region, I had undergone multiple treatments with various spine specialists over the years. I additionally received intensive physical therapy, hard braces, soft braces, and injections in an attempt to manage my congenital and deteriorating condition hoping to delay fusion surgery as long as possible. I worked extremely hard and diligently to recover, but ultimately I lost my ability to function. I was in constant pain. I could not mentally focus. I could not stand straight. I could not stay in one position for any reasonable length of time, and my right leg had lost most feeling and atrophy was occurring. Finally, I could no longer work effectively.

    In December of 2014, Dr. Weiss essentially rebuilt my lower back with a multilevel fusion to correct my spinal bifida and severe stenosis. I was astounded to be walking the next day, and the pain level I anticipated post op never came. I managed this major surgery with Tylenol and a muscle relaxant only, and by the end of the week I was not taking any pain medication. My recovery was beyond anything I could have imagined, and the fusion healed perfectly.

    Then, in December of 2015, Dr. Weiss corrected the severe condition in my cervical spine with my next required fusion surgery. We discussed how this procedure and recovery differed, but yet again my expectations were immensely surpassed. Prior to this surgery, I experienced tremendous pain in my neck and shoulder, and my left arm would go numb when my neck was simply placed in a neutral position. The numbness began to spread to my right arm at times, and again, I was unable to sustain sharp mental focus. I could no longer even safely drive myself.

    Following this cervical spinal fusion surgery, I was walking the same day and literally home and recovering in less than 24 hours. Again, the pain was not even close to what I anticipated, and I declined all narcotic pain relievers. I easily and amazingly managed the recovery with just Tylenol, and 5 days out I was taking no pain medication at all. The pain in my neck and shoulder and the numbness in my arms was instantly and completely resolved. My ability to focus and concentrate seems restored, and I am only starting to appreciate all the areas of my life that were previously affected with my never-ending pain management and decreased physical abilities.

    In addition to his extraordinary surgical skills, Dr. Weiss spent a great deal of time with me discussing options, explaining procedures, answering all my questions, and updating me before and after surgery. His staff is equally remarkable, and they went above and beyond taking care of all the scheduling, testing, insurance filings, processing and paperwork. It goes without saying, but Dr. Weiss and everyone in his office genuinely care. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel. I am blessed my path in life brought me to Dr. Weiss and his staff.

    By - Bryan P
    11-May-2018 03:53 AM
  • Dr Weiss has been my families Orthopedist since 2006. He has taken care of my back, knees and wrist. Dr Weiss did a fusion on my back at three levels. He was very conservative with treatment until I was ready to be more aggressive. His office was excellent at working with me as my insurance at the time was out of network. The office always answered any questions and fit me in a timely manner for all appointments. Dr Weiss' bedside manner is definitely appreciated since I was very nervous about a large surgery. He was always available and compassionate. He has seen my husband and children for different conditions as well. We have always been very pleased with the care we received from him and his staff. His new physician has seen my daughter for her shoulders and he was extremely knowledgable also. We will continue to use Dr Weiss and Dr Farsaii for any new conditions or follow up to any old conditions.

    By - Rebecca D
    11-May-2018 03:52 AM